Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow Day

Its always nice to have a snow day, especially when your kids aren't old enough to be in school so they don't have to make it up! And Daddy got to stay home!!

Yesterday was so peaceful and wonderful. Both kids behaved well all day, and we packed so much special fun into our time together.

We started our day with a special breakfast, nothing grand, but we got to spend it together and I didn't have to cook.

While Cody was making breakfast, I snagged a couple pictures of the kids. Baby Sister was hanging out in her chair and Big Brother was watching Dinosaur Train in his high chair. They are so cute.

[bow via: etsy]

After breakfast we did what most families do on a snow day... pretend its summer and play in the BIG bath! Complete with pool noodles, which actually insulated the heat really well. He had a blast! It was so much fun for Cody and I to see him having such a great time

He was so sweet and tired when he got out. Cody stole all of his cuddles, but we had fun playing afterward before it was time for his nap.

When he woke up from his nap I had to go outside for a minute and I realized that the snow was perfect playing snow, and with the sun it wasn't too cold out. I promptly bundled him up, told Cody to put on shoes and a jacket, grabbed my camera, and we went. This was his first time playing in the snow. The first few times we were sick or just too plain lazy to take him out. We didn't stay out too long, but he loved it. I really think as long as he's outside he is happy.

While we all played outside, Baby Sister slept peacefully in the warmth of the house.

I'm sad this (hopefully) our last snow day of the season, but I'm SO ready for spring and being able to spend more time outside. Lord knows Big Brother needs to be able to run free and get his energy out... preferably not in the house!!

During nap time, Cody and I were able to relax together and talk without interruption. Usually when Big Brother goes to bed at night /little Sister is cluster feeding among other things so we don't really get a good stretch of uninterrupted time. We talked about our hearts, and what we wanted to give up for the next 40 days to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate Easter. We aren't Catholic and I don't know if there are any rules for Lent, but I am excited to see how we grow individually and as a family during this time. I did two Advent studies before Christmas and got so much out of them. Not only did it make Christmas more meaningful for me, but it helped prepare my heart for welcome my new baby into the world. I really was able to relate to Mary in a new an unique way. Bring on Easter!!