Friday, October 24, 2014

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All over Facebook the past several days I have seen so many Myers-Briggs personalities represented throughout my friends. I decided to take the quiz and it determined that I am the elusive INFJ. Apparently my type makes up a small 1% of the population. I sent the overview to my dad and Cody and they both confirmed that it summed me up. As I have been reading up on different aspects of INFJ I have certainly identified characteristics about me that I had often overlooked and have thought more in depth about other traits my "type" is known for.

For instance, I have a very strong sense of intuition. Unlike Olivia Pope my gut is actually never wrong. These instincts and feelings lead to stubbornness in situations even when I can't articulate exactly why I have the feeling or opinion that I do. A few years ago Cody and I were going through Dave Ramsey's FPU CDs and something he said has stuck with me since I heard it (although it has no relation to finances because like a true INFJ I don't deal with money very well.) Dave said he listens to his wife's "feelings" because women have this intuition that usually hold true. His wife may not have all of the financial knowledge as him but she gets "feelings" and he is wise to listen to them because they are usually on the right track. Since hearing about the "feelings" I think of it often when Cody presents an idea and I shoot it down just because it doesn't feel right in my gut. I have a feeling and intuition about it.

Also, while reading up I saw that INFJs are perfectionists and think they should always improve themselves and the world around them. In my last post I talked about how I am trigger shy on starting projects I feel I may fail, and I think that is because when you start something you aren't an expert yet. "Don't compare your beginning with someone else's middle or end." I tend to compare myself to others in order to measure myself, but when I compare it is to a much different person's much different journey. I am always trying to better myself, my marriage, and pushing for Cody to better himself. "Good enough" for me is never good enough. I strive for excellence. I believe if you aren't growing you are dying and that there is always room for improvement. Sometimes this can make Cody feel overwhelmed because he takes it personally that I am never satisfied with relationships, always seeking out how to be better communicators, better at showing love and affection, and so on.

Cody took the personality test twice and got two different results. He got ENTP and ESFP. They represent the performer and the devil's advocate. I believe both of these are accurate representations of him. I also believe it is accurate that we are so dissimilar.

As I have been reading up on all of these types as they relate to myself and my loved ones (my dad's type could not have described him better) I have seen how unique each of my friends are. How we all work together to create a beautiful community. Where my strengths make up for other's weaknesses and how others strengths fill a void left by my weaknesses.

I look to God, the creator, and am in awe of how unique He made each of us. He took the time to make these intricate differences that work together and complement each other so well. How we can learn from and appreciate others who are different from us. How we were all created in His image. How His personality has no weaknesses, but all of the strengths He gave each personality resulting in one perfect being. How all of the different facets of his personality are reflected in his children. He is so good. I marvel at how He took such care and thought in His creation. We are seen as good in His eyes and only He is good. How humbled I am. How I hope to treat His creation and His people with utmost care, kindness, love and respect - regardless of our differences.

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